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Hello, I am Lesley
Software Developer from Nashville

I've always found great reward in helping people. Throughout my career I have held positions that supported different user groups whether it be sales teams through marketing education, operations teams through analytics and insight reporting, or individual end users through training.

The roles I've held in the past were always on the edge of IT. I found myself working alongside development teams and offering up insights from the business, but wanted to know more about the technology driving innovation. This led me to deciding it was time to make a change and add more tools to my toolbox. That's how I found myself at Nashville Software School. During my time at NSS I will be developing code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Python, and Django. These skills will further my passion of helping people, but this time it'll be through code.

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2018 - 2019

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  • Fundamentals Learned

    NSS taught me how to learn. This was helpful when transitioning from vanilla JavaScript to React from one project to the next. I found it was less about memorizing code and more about figuring out how to solve a problem.

    I had the opportunity to learn how to work with a team to develop code and utilize Github and project boards. This differed from individual projects due to the communication aspect of a group project and also finding out how to resolve coding merge conflicts.

  • Front-End Capstone

    I created a bird journal app called Backyard Birder for the casual bird enthusiast like myself. I built it using React. I learned about Google Maps APIs during the process and used their geocoder and map tools to add mapping functionality to the application.

  • Group Projects

    Worked with a group to create a social media type application called Nutshell using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. I worked on the events section of the application. I utilized dynamic formatting and CRUD functionality to meet project requirements.

    Worked with a group to create a Nashville itinerary app that utilized JavaScript and multiple external APIs. I became familiar with the Nashville Metro Parks API during this project as I was responsible for enabling functionality that displayed parks that a user could see based on an amenity they selected from a list of options.

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2014 - 2018

  • Tire Education Specialist

    Delivered product and sales presentations to tire dealers across the country. This included interviewing tire business owners before an event to evaluate needs and plan a valuable training session.

    Find innovative ways to train sales associates on being "Trusted Advisers". I was able to attend training session on how to deliver great customer service. We found that at the end of the day it's about people trusting someone to do right by them. It takes time and effort to show someone you want to earn their business.

  • Business Analyst

    Salesforce Administrator for the Consumer Tire Sales group of 150 users. Worked with members of the IT department to retire a legacy CRM for a newly acquired company and integrate their business into our existing Salesforce Org. Developed KPI tracking tools inside Salesforce for multiple teams. Managed any data uploads, technical issues, and user modifications.

    Worked with the Consumer Analytics team to use Alteryx to develop sales insights for multiple groups including a daily sales feed, geographic location tools, and channel growth visualizations.

    Worked with IT and other analysts to utilize Tableau for dynamic visualization tools that were once a manual process. Additionally, I worked with IT to integrate Tableau and Salesforce as another way to view sales data.

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2004 - 2014

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  • Supply Chain/Operations

    Organized sales order volume distribution to Central Gulf Region including Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas. I was located in remotely in Tennessee, but accessed ordering systems across the region utilizing SAP. Additionally, I communicated regularly with regional sales personnel and operations management to ensure on-time delivery and labor efficiencies.

    Enabled labor tactic sustainment and accountability for the region by building reports and participating in region labor conference calls.

    SAP Subject Matter Expert that facilitated procedural refresher training for sales and operations personnel.

  • SAP Solution Analyst

    Member of the Project One Up SAP Release 7.0 - Order Management Team.

    Managed end user technician groups while deploying SAP solution across the US and Canada in over 300 locations over a one year timespan.

    Delivered formal end user SAP Order Management training for each wave of the deployment as well as on site support team member .

    Leader of the Integrated Connectivity Checkout (ICC) process of data from Legacy systems to SAP.

    Responsible for change management of SAP implementation in distribution centers ranging in volume from 12,000 cases a week to over 90,000 cases a week.

    Validated business scenarios for developmental testing during SAP User Acceptance Testing.

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A bird sighting app for the casual bird enthusiast built with React.

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A React social media app. This was built as a group project.

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A Python/Django tire e-learning app. Instructors can build tire education modules and students can consume the content.

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A Python/Django e-commerce app. This was built as a group project.


















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